World Environment Day: "Your planet needs you"

world environment day
World - It now stands as the World Day of Environment. An event that was created in 1972 by the United Nations and the 2009 edition which is of course under the banner of the fight against global warming.

"Your planet needs you - united against climate change", here the theme of World Environment Day during which many events are held around the world.

While the Copenhagen summit is close upon us, it is now for the UN to raise awareness about the urgent and necessary fight against climate change, so that it agrees also in the way sustainable development.

The United Nations intend to "promote an understanding that communities are essential in changing attitudes" and "defend the partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer future and more prosperous."

For the 2009 edition of this day is the Mexico that is showcased. The country was chosen by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in particular for its commitment to the "1 Billion Trees". "Mexico, with the support of its president and its people, has invested heavily in this commitment and has planted 25 percent of the trees in this campaign," says the UN. Since its launch in 2006, 3 billion trees were planted, and the end of 2009, this figure expected to reach 7 billion.

Animations, conferences, cleaning operations or planting, concert events will take place all day and throughout the world in the fight against global warming.

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