Microsoft in Europe, Windows 7 will be delivered without Internet Explorer

Europe - Following the European Commission survey on the dominance of Internet Explorer in Windows operating systems, Microsoft has announced that the European versions of Windows 7 would be devoid of the browser.

While the European Commission investigation into "the tying of Internet Explorer with Windows, which has the effect of Internet Explorer equip 90% of PCs in the world" and thus put Microsoft in a dominant position over other Publishers of Internet browsers, the Redmond giant seems to have a parade.

The firm announced Thursday that the versions of Windows 7 would be marketed in Europe without Internet Explorer 8. "Consumers can have any browser, to supplement or delete their browsers preinstalled by computer manufacturer," added Microsoft.

These versions will be distinguished from others by an "E" and it is therefore the users to choose their browser from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome ...

Meanwhile, the European Commission believes that Microsoft's proposal is potentially more positive "but said that an abuse is found at the end of its investigation," the potential remedies could afford to have a choice of browsers, not that Windows is provided without any browser. The verdict should be known shortly when we see the release of windows 7.

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