A remedy against Premature Ejaculation - PSD 502

United Kingdom - Researchers at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and the French pharmaceutical company Plethora Solutions have tested and demonstrated the efficacy of the PSD 502 against premature ejaculation.

As its name suggests, the early ejaculation is defined as ejaculation occurring in less than 3 minutes before penetration or at its very beginning. Causing great psychological distress, this dysfunction is very much like an handicap for the men who suffer from it. Affected in their love, they feel the fear of dissatisfaction of their partner.

PSD 502 combines several anesthetics: Tests were conducted to see if its spray on the tip of the penis five minutes before penetration could delay the ejaculation. The safety of the product and its tolerance by the two partners were also evaluated.

More than 300 men over 18, heterosexual, monogamous and have always suffered from premature ejaculation have participated in the study. 200 of them received the mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine, one hundred others a placebo for three months. For the men of the first group, time between penetration and ejaculation was on average multiplied by six. For the men of the second group, this time was multiplied only by 1.6.

The product was tolerated perfectly by the participants who noted a decrease of stress and greater satisfaction after sex. For researchers, these results show the efficiency and speed of action of PSD 502 in the form of spray, unlike the cream form which requires an application long before the report.

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