Nutrition of the future: a Japanese factory produces vegetables in a perfectly controlled and sterilized environment

japanese vegetables
Japan - Japanese scientists developed a new way of cultivating vegetables in an environment perfectly controlled and sterilized. According to them, it seems that these “perfect” vegetables can be the food of tomorrow.

These plants vegetable crops are growing throughout the country and can produce lettuce 24 hours over 24, seven days a week and they are harvested up to 20 times per year. In all, some of these plants can produce 3 million of vegetables per year.

japanese vegetables1Every aspect of the environment of the plant is controlled from the light and temperature, through the humidity and watering. CO2 levels can be carefully modified. Inside the factory, producers wear gloves, masks and protective combination, as is typically found in chemical plants.

Crops can be contaminated either by dust, or by insects or by air. In this sterile environment, no pesticide is needed. Japanese consumers can eat the vegetables on sale in early in safety and without washing.

japanese vegetables2The Japanese government, concerned about the use of chemicals on crops, has encouraged the growth of vegetable plants. A spokesperson for one of them, Ozu Corporation in Tokyo, said: "A stable is guaranteed all year through control of light, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide . This meets the demand of consumers seeking healthy foods. "

These plants will soon relocate to the United Kingdom, where there are already many cultures out-ground. Each year, millions of hydroponic tomatoes are grown in huge greenhouses in southern England.

japanese vegetables3

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