Discovery of five new subatomic particle

A team of physicists led by Eef van Beveren of the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra (FCTUC) and George Rupp of the Higher Technical Institute of Lisbon (IST) has discovered five new subatomic particle. Their discovery should be published shortly in the journal Europhysics Letters.

Researchers have developed a unified mathematical model that enabled them to decipher the results of experiments conducted by the Library with the KEK particle accelerator (Koh-Ene-Ken") in Tsukuba in Japan. Belle is an international consortium of researchers responsible for the experiences of high-energy collisions of electrons with positrons (antiparticles associated with electrons) in the KEK accelerator. The Belle group has analyzed the production of other pairs of lambda particles and antiparticles. This represents millions of shocks per second for which registration is sent by computer. The physicists of the FCTUC and IST then tried to analyze and interpret the data published by the Belle. Using their mathematical model, they have deciphered and described the behavior of five new mesons.

This discovery follows three decades of research results and several earlier recognized and validated by the world scientific community. Experimental studies should be conducted to confirm this discovery. The dynamics model of quartz Eef van Beveren and George Rupp is a big step for particle physics.

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