How does a snake move? - The movement of snake explained in detail

Atlanta, United States - Scientists have sought to understand how snakes move on very smooth surfaces. In their latest study, the scales of snakes act like small grabs, hooking the most rough surfaces to move.

David Hu, a mechanical engineer at Georgia Tech, is always found fascinated to try to dissect the natural movements of animals. The sinuous movements of snakes are specific and decode a moving if different flight, swimming or walking, used by other animals, represented a challenge for him.

Some biologists have put forward the hypothesis that snakes need to twigs or rocks to lean on and move forward, but they failed to explain how these reptiles were advancing on smooth surfaces or sandy.

The Georgia Tech researchers have tested the first friction scales dragging unconscious snakes on plane surfaces. Snakes easily slid forward but showed resistance to go back or go to the edges. This test provided a coefficient of friction, into a model that was used to predict travel facilities on different surfaces. Then, Professor Hu and his colleagues recorded the movement of snakes awake on fiber and very smooth on fabrics offering a great resistance.

According to Hu: "The snakes have different techniques to move, like a horse trots or gallops. On the videotapes, the researchers found that to go faster, the snakes smoothed certain parts of their body. David Hu described it as "a dynamic distribution of weight that allows snakes to concentrate their weight on some points and move faster. But the greatest accelerations are still unexplained by the model.

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