Microsoft reveals its control system revolutionary game for the Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360
United States - Microsoft has revealed its new revolutionary control system for the Xbox 360, which happens joysticks. This is a camera that captures the movements of players and projects directly into the game on the screen.

The technology used by the Nintendo Wii uses motion sensors in joysticks. The Microsoft technology goes even further, since it directly detects the body movements of the player. The player of a football game will simply need to swing the foot to hit the ball on the screen. If a character in the screen casts something to our digital copy, we can simply reach out and grab the virtual object.

The new system, the Xbox 360, called Project Natal, will also have a voice recognition system allowing the player to talk to the machine and interact with the characters of the game Natal Project, which was unveiled at the annual conference E3 on video games, could even read their facial expressions.

The new control system can be installed on the Xbox 360, so the player will experience a new game without having to buy a new console. This gadget could spell the end of traditional joysticks that dominated the control of video game consoles in the 1980s. "This is a very powerful technology, capturing the movements of the whole body, not just two hands," said Shane Kim of Microsoft.

Shane Kim said: "This is breaking down barriers. For too long, the lever kept the remote player games. It does not compete with the Wii, but to bring the technology of video game to a new frontier "he says.

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