Microsoft: Windows 7 arrives in October

Scheduled for the end of the year, Windows 7 should keep his promise. Microsoft announced that Vista's successor would be sold on 22 October. If it arrives late for the school year, Microsoft is counting on Christmas to boost sales of its new operating system (OS).

Acer announced has already announced last month, Microsoft has just confirmed. Given the failure of Windows Vista, the Redmond giant has had to accelerate the pace, reducing the waiting time between two OS on two and a half years instead of three years.

The Release to Manufacturing (RTM) will be available on it by mid-July instead of early August as originally planned.

Many sites already mentioned in the early years, Microsoft has also confirmed the establishment of an update program for purchasers of new computers with Vista, so they can upgrade to Windows 7 from its output. Microsoft had already offered this service for the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Windows Upgrade option should be offered to buyers from 1 July.

The free update that is not insured, it will depend on the willingness of the various manufacturers. The rates of the various versions of Windows 7 are, however, not always available.

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