Microsoft moves into the Digital Innovation Valley in Mons for the creation of business

The Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) based in Mons focuses on technologies for health care and welfare, but also digital technologies of image and sound. Non-profit association, it offers a creative space for meetings, training and support for innovation. The center creates favorable conditions for the development of new products or services by hosting the project and making available materials and tools needed to develop their idea to the creation of business or marketing.

The MIC is part of a global network of 110 centers of innovation, including 31 in Europe for the development of local economy by working with governments and universities. With a network of partners around the world, the center of Microsoft offers its expertise for entrepreneurs to promote the emergence of innovation projects. Inaugurated on March 4 by the regional policies, this structure arises from a public-private partnership for a period of three years between Microsoft and the Walloon Region, also involving investment from other private companies. It is a lever of economic growth in the Walloon Region by promoting the creation of innovative SMEs.

This project is the development of Digital Innovation Valley and the candidature of Mons as European capital of culture. The city wants to build on a strong development in the field of Information Technology and Communication (ICT). At the initiative of Elio Di Rupo, mayor of the city of Mons, the creation of the Digital Innovation Valley is to combine geographic area of expertise and creative energy, in common with new technologies. The emergence of this basin is enhanced by technological implementations of Google and Virtualis pole images and digital sound in the Walloon Region.

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