Benefits of tango therapy for mental disorders or addictions

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Argentina - The Agency Science Press describes the work of a Argentine psychologist on workshop of "tango therapy", where dancing is treatment of mental or physical illness.

"When you dance tango, we forget problems. Dance can even help to solve problems" according to Federico Trossero. This psychologist has developed "tango therapy" workshops to help couples and adolescents suffering from addictions or mental disorders.

The tango requires great self-control, encouraging social ties and a sense of competence in practice. "The tango can teach us much about ourselves and our relation to the other. This is the metaphor of human relationships, "says France Joyal, organizer of an international symposium on health and the tango in Canada.

The dance makes it possible to distinguish the characters of the people: while a tentative embrace will avoid the obsessive control its movements. A person with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for its attempt to avoid touching their partner. At the workshops, group therapy complements the dance classes and allows attendees to familiarize themselves in contact with each other.

Federico Trossero says " by this therapy one can develop a greater comfort, achieving a better life, for oneself and others. Contact through dance stimulates production of oxytocin which soothes and promotes bonding."

An international association for Tango therapy was established in 2008.

Basic Tango Dance Lesson - Watch this video:

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