Largest cavern of Great Britain discovered

Largest cavern of Great Britain
England - The largest known cave in Britain, Gaping Gill in North Yorkshire, was opened to the public, to the delight of caving enthusiasts.

The interior of this cave is amazing. It is so immense that the cathedral of York (the largest Gothic building in Northern Europe, ed) could hold a whole. The master bedroom is 145 meters long, 25 meters wide and 35 meters from floor to vaulted ceiling.

The cave may have formed under the action of a torrent, the Fell Beck, which flows from Ingleborough, Yorkshire second summit (720 meters), on limestone before sinking in a natural flaw. This torrent plunging form the largest unbroken waterfall in Britain, with twice the height of Niagara Falls.

Gaping Gill was opened to the public last weekend to give it a unique opportunity to venture into the cavern. The Bradford Potholing Club has organized the visit and allowed fans to experience a sensational descent of several minutes to reach the ground.

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