Lamborghini presents its roadmap anti-CO2

Italy - After Ferrari, the manufacturer of sports cars Lamborghini also committed in the fight against global warming by presenting a roadmap for reducing CO2 emissions.

Lamborghini has set very ambitious targets, having reduced by 35% the emissions of its cars by 2015 and emissions by 30% due to production by 2010.

The Italian attacks to begin with, the conditions of manufacture of its cars. Thus, the factory in Sant' Agata will have 1,700 photovoltaic panels that will reduce emissions by 20%. Better thermal insulation and a change of lighting and heating will in turn the remaining 10%.

Later vehicles, Lamborghini is expected to confirm its efforts, as with the last model Gallardo LP 560-4 which reduced its CO2 emissions by 18%. Reduction in the weight of the cars, improvement of combustion or hybrid integration of biofuels are in the program.

A budget of 35 million euros will be invested in this commitment to reduce greenhouse gases.

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