The Japanese Kaguya probe completed its mission by a crash

The crash of the probe Kaguya was expected, it took place in a normal Wednesday night, ending the Selene mission launched in 2007 by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Jaxa.

The probe Kaguya mission was to explore the Moon and its magnetic field. It was programmed for a crash that was completed on Wednesday at 20:30 near the south pole of the natural satellite of Earth.

Launched at 6000 km / h, the fall of the probe that caused a cloud of dust could be observed in Asia, Australia and New Zealand and was followed by many professional and amateur astronomers. The Japanese Space Agency Jaxa had launched an appeal at the site of the Selene mission to witness the fall to send all their images.

Kaguya was placed in orbit since October 2007, she used to map the lunar surface, study its volcanic activity and its gravitational center, and took many pictures of the moon.

Watch this Video:

KAGUYA fly over the Moon:

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