The hummingbird, faster than a fighter jet

Berkeley, United States - It is only 10 cm long but this little hummingbird flies faster than a space shuttle or a fighter Jet. Scientists have discovered that this bird is the fastest in the world relative to its size.

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley found that the piqué of the Anna hummingbird during its courtship reached 90 km / h, making it the fastest animal on Earth. It travels at speeds of 383 times the body length per second, which is faster than a fighter jet which peaks at 207 times its length per second.

Christopher Clark, University of California, said: “During bridal piqué, the male reaches a speed and an acceleration exceeding any performance previously recorded for the vertebrate making air travel" . Once propelled by flapping its wings, the bird folds to meet such a speed.

This type of diving is carried out by other birds during courtship, such as the nightjar and snipe, or species to attack their prey like the kingfisher or the falcon, but none of these birds achieves the speed of hummingbird. Its pitch is twice as fast as the peregrine falcon, which flies at a maximum of 200 times its length per second.

Dr. Clark performed the measurements using a digital camera capable of taking images of the entire dive, which allowed him to obtain current data to estimate the acceleration and velocity in different parts of the dive.

Watch this hummingbird in Action:

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