The hortitherapy against mental illness

Canada - Visit the studio of hortitherapy of the Douglas Hospital in Montreal, where gardening becomes a tool to help patients with mental illness.

For 25 years, patients of the Institute of Mental Health come every week, watering, potting and maintain flowers, green plants and vegetables in greenhouses of the Institute. For doctors, the garden allows patients to break the isolation generated by the place and rebuild their self-esteem by engaging in an activity.

The Douglas Institute was the first to develop hortitherapy. Most home gardeners suffer from severe and persistent disorders associated with illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The variety of tasks, accountability and decision-making is beneficial for them and help them regain confidence in themselves.

The workshop lasts all year round but the tasks of course change with the seasons. Growers speak of valuing the individual, the opportunity to interact with others, but also to spend physically. For some, coming is a big effort, but the desire and pleasure to do inevitably occur.

Horticultural Therapy

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