Green Dam Youth Escort - content filtering software

China - From 1 July, all new computers will be equipped with content filtering software, announced the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This software is presented as a tool for the protection of minors, preventing them from accessing pornographic sites.

Green Dam Youth Escort is the name of the program, blocking pornographic content to be integrated into all computers sold after 1 July in China.

"Basically, this is an anti-pornography, similar to those available in the U.S. market," says Bryan Zhang, CEO of the company Jinhui Computer System Engineering. He added: "We offer it free to producers of computers because the government paid for this service for one year."

But many people describe this software as a tool for surveillance and censorship of websites going against the Chinese Communist Party. If this program effectively blocking access to other Internet pages as pornographic sites, the manufacturer Dell said it did not actually comply with the requirements of China and would not integrate the Green Dam Youth Escort to its machines.

Several U.S. industry expressed their profound disagreement with this "very unfortunate" as described by Ed Black, president of the U.S. Computer and Communications Industry Association. The latter hopes that the U.S. government will try and come to convince China to cancel this new measure that would require "everyone to be an accomplice and to participate in censorship," he said.

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