Google Street View: Google removes private data at the request of Germany

A representative of Google inc. in charge of data protection has said that the Google gant had accepted the German demands deletion of certain data.

Concerning this censorship pictures for a panoramic map.

Johannes Caspar, in charge of the regional office for data protection, has reported that Google had agreed to erase recordings of faces, numbers of homes and license plates.

This action follows complaints filed by several people fearing to see information about them used in a service of Google and therefore visible to all on the canvas.

Google said it would put a specific link for the German Street View service. This one will allow the people wishing it to dispute the appearance of personal data.

The Google Street View mapping service provides pictures of streets with all their details. Assets in the United States since 2007, it has since expanded to hundreds of cities worldwide.

This is not the first time that complaints from private individuals and institutions or are filed against the service Street View.

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