Effects of Global Warming: 20 million people may have to migrate by 2010

global warming
According to a study by the University Institute of the United Nations Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), more than 20 million people could be forced to migrate by 2010 because of rising sea level but also drought.

"Migration and displacement of people caused by the environment can potentially become an unprecedented phenomenon, both in terms of scale and scope," says the report published by UNU-EHS, Columbia University and the NGO CARE International.

Estimates of the number of people forced to migrate may not be accurate due to the freshness of the climate change science, but 20 to 50 million migrants would be counted in 2010. In 2050, this number could rise to 200 million from the International Organization for Migration.

The populations of the deltas of the Ganges, Mekong and Nile will be most affected, "an increase in sea level of one meter could affect 23.5 million individuals, and reduce the amount of land currently overexploited by the agriculture, at least 1.5 million hectares "continues the report that emphasizes the need to provide assistance to vulnerable countries which are mostly the poorest. An investment in measures of local adaptation, such as irrigation and disaster management is also advocated.

These new migrants, forced to flee because of global warming, do not correspond to the categories of migration that exist today and the creation of new rights may be necessary. "Those displaced by the chronic impacts of climate change will need a permanent refuge. Currently, individuals who move because of living conditions from worsening could be classified as voluntary economic migrants and on they refuse their specific protection needs "the report said.

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