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global warming
World - According to a report published by the Global Humanitarian Forum, chaired by Kofi Annan, global warming already killed 300,000 people per year and this figure could rise to 500,000 by 2030. Emerging market countries are the main victims of what Kofi Annan recalls being "the greatest humanitarian crisis in the power of our time."

According to the report entitled "The human impact of climate change - anatomy of a silent crisis", the annual number of dead victims of global warming amount to 300,000, equivalent to the 2004 tsunami.

An alarming study, at 6 months of the Copenhagen summit, only adds to the urgency of an agreement on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases for the countries of the United Nations. "The negotiators can not ignore the current impacts of climate change. The responsibility of the countries in Copenhagen is not only to contain a serious future threat but also to respond to a major contemporary crisis," said Kofi Annan, former Secretary General United Nations.

The 300,000 deaths caused by climate change are primarily the result of degradation of ecosystems, floods and drought, crop loss and malnutrition that results, or natural disasters increasingly destructive. Emerging market countries are the main victims.

And that number could rise to 500,000 by the next 20 years if a drastic reduction of greenhouse gases, just and fair, is not concluded.

"The first hit and most affected are those living in the poorest countries, yet it is those who are least responsible for the problem," says Kofi Annan. 90% of victims of global warming live in emerging countries who are responsible for less than 1% of CO2 emissions.

Kofi Annan believes that the international funds to assist developing countries in the context of the fight against climate change are inadequate and that the promised sum should be multiplied by one hundred.

The report of the Global Humanitarian Forum said that this forecast could be much lower than reality, the effects of global warming could be disastrous and much more rapid than expected.

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