The French people underestimate the symptoms of their mental health

mental stress
France - A TNS Healthcare survey shows that half the French are suffering or have suffered from mental troublesome daily go without medical advice as soon as they appear.

The survey was conducted among 482 adults at the request of the Foundation Pierre Deniker involved in information and clinical research on mental health. It shows that half of French knows or has experienced phases of mental frailty. They are 13% to say psychologically fragile, on average for seven years.

These people in psychological distress are more women, their average age is between 35 and 49 years, they are rather an intermediate social class and often have children under 15 years of age.

Work is the main cause of psychological distress, 71% of people talk about outstanding issues related to their job (stress, fear of dismissal, unemployment), 55% mentioned problems with family or sentimental. Professor Olli, president of the Foundation, spoke of a painful past has become physically and psychologically painful.

Individualism prevails in the workplace, working hours are more intense, precarious employment and the employee suffers from a lack of recognition. Professor Ollie speaks of operation "autistic", the individual folds in on itself, is behind the TV screens or computer at the expense of his family and social life.

People suffering from psychological distress could take months or even years to go see a specialist, often when symptoms have become intense and affect everyday life. The treatments intervene then often with five or ten years of delay.

81% of French believe that to get better, it is better to be "wise" and have a better lifestyle. 41% think that it is necessary to take on oneself. Professor Ollie speaks of a temptation of refusal of the disease. Alone, more symptoms are treated late, the more severe the consequences can be for the patient's life. That is why Professor Ollie wants a person in pain can request an assessment of all strategies that could help him get better, because "it is rare that there is only one."

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