The essential diets and nutrient as advised by The French Association for Scientific Information

The French Association for Scientific Information (AFIS) publishes a report, which the site I-diet, the food balance offered by the different diets of humans and their intakes of essential nutrients.

To be omnivorous means to eat all the categories of food. The vegetarian gives up the meat and fish, but agrees to drink milk and to eat eggs. The strict Vegetarianism consumes only food of plant origin, excluding all the animal products. But to give up this food can disturb food balance.

There exist several degrees in the vegetarianism, in a case the meat is excluded but not the fish or poultry, in another case meat and fish are banned, but not eggs or milk. Veganism it excludes all animal products or derived from animals. For pregnant women and children, these schemes are not without risks.

Often meat does not disturb the balanced diet provided they do not deprive ourselves of the protein from milk, eggs or fish. Iron and vitamin B12 caused by non-meat consumption may be offset by the consumption of nuts, seeds and oils. Quitting milk and eggs is more problematic because relatively few foods provide as much calcium as dairy products.

Vegetarian diets have many health benefits than disadvantages. More fiber and antioxidants do not compensate for deficiencies in vitamins, calcium and iron. And these nutrients are found mostly in dairy products.

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