Six countries united to fight against chronic diseases

The national medical research of six countries have decided to unite to form the Global Alliance against chronic diseases, which are growing at an alarming rate in developing countries.

The medical research agencies of Canada, the United States, China, India, Australia and Great Britain, supplemented by the World Health Organization as an observer, decided to form this alliance to reduce costs and medical consequences of chronic diseases, and so not to exacerbate poverty in developing countries.

Chronic diseases targeted by the Alliance are cardiovascular disease, stroke, certain cancers such as lung cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and type 2 diabetes linked to obesity.

The purpose of the Alliance, according to the official is to establish the priorities for a coordinated research effort to address this growing crisis of public health now reached epidemic proportions. These efforts will involve the training of future doctors and researchers in developing countries and funding of research on these diseases.

According to expert estimates, 388 million people worldwide, especially in poor countries and middle-class, will die of a chronic disease in the next ten years if nothing is done. Chronic diseases, the leading cause of death in the world, would be responsible for 80% of deaths in poor countries.

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