The birds are not descendants of dinosaurs

Oregon, United States - After studying how birds move and breathe, a team of scientists says that they have not evolved from dinosaurs, but they would have evolved independently.

For decades, we know that the femur in the bird is nearly fixed, preventing the animals from running easily. But researchers at the University of Oregon have discovered that the bones also maintains their lungs, allowing them to breathe in full volume.

All other animals that walked on Earth, including humans, elephants, lizards and dinosaurs theropods (family, which includes the T-Rex) have a femur free of any movement. The discovery could force paleontologists to reconsider their belief that modern birds are direct descendants of old carnivorous dinosaurs. "It's surprising that we did not understand a basic element of the biology of birds," says American researcher John Reuben.

Characteristics such as feathers, wings, and unique way of movements would have evolved separately. Dinosaurs and birds have all flourished during the Cretaceous, about 145 to 65 million years ago.

The Archeopterix, long considered the oldest bird, lived there before 150 million years when dinosaurs appeared earlier, 200 million years ago. According to Professor Ruben, birds and dinosaurs share a common ancestor, Karamuru vorax, who walked on earth before 250 million years.

It appears now very clear that the birds evolved/moved on their own side and do not go down directly from the dinosaurs théropodes," concluded John Reuben.

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