Batteries: the cactus as an electrode

Students from Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, won the prize "Entrepreneurship for the future" proposed by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan with a battery model consists of plants. This innovative battery is composed of Malabar chestnut (Pachira aquatica) and cactus as an electrode.

According to Hau-wen Chen, a member of the team, the idea of building a battery using the electrical potential of the plants they came with the release of an online report on the testing of a battery-based fruit showing that electric current generated by citrus was powerful enough to power a small bulb. Students tested many combinations of plants, reaching the best results with the combination Malabar / cactus.

The award was provided for the completion of a series of actions by the department in secondary schools and higher education of the whole island, to promote creativity among students. The final competition was attended by 17 teams throughout the island.

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