Women have a better immune system than men

Montreal, Canada - Nutrition shows the results of a study from McGill University, highlighting the inequalities between men and women in the immune system.

If women are more resistant to infection than men, thanks to estrogens, female sex hormones. According to the team of Dr. Saleh, they would have a positive effect on the inflammatory response against bacteria. And it is the intensity of this response which is partly dependent on the body's ability to fight germs and to eliminate them.

Estrogen blocks the production of an enzyme called Caspase-12 or it stops the inflammatory process. Estrogens have a positive effect on the innate immunity against bacteria. The team of Dr. Saleh has studied the immune response of male and female mice whose gene encoding the production of Caspase-12 was either inactivated or replaced by the human gene producing the enzyme. Faced with infections, male mice have proven more sensitive than females. The estrogen produced by female mice were able to block the action of the human gene that had been implanted.

Researchers believe that this change in women's innate immune system is linked to the evolution of humanity. Other tests have shown that the synthetic estrogens of oral contraceptives have the same effect.

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