Windows 7: too expensive, says computer manufacturer Dell

United States - All new, all beautiful, the new Windows 7, Perhaps, but also too expensive, according to Dell.

If the manufacturer recognizes many qualities in the new operating system from Microsoft, however, he qualifies his enthusiasm because of a significant retail and rather disabling: the cost of the new Windows.

Installed on computers that some lucky find at the foot of the tree for Christmas 2009, Windows 7 is for now a good impression, but in these times of crisis, the price could be a deterrent for many, especially among professionals.

Darrel Ward, director of product management at Dell, said on the cnet website: "In difficult economic times, I think it is naive to believe that you will increase your average price and attract so many people that if you maintain or even decrease. [...] schools and government agencies are not able to afford this additional cost. Some small businesses will not be able to enjoy the software as they wish. "

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