Windows 7: In your next Christmas?

United States - It's official, Windows 7 will be on sale for the holiday season. We thought that it will be released in 2010, but Microsoft announced the commercialization of its new operating system for the month of November.

Test results are positive and welcomed the release of candidate version, available since May 5, but pressure from manufacturers makes Microsoft to announce its intention to market Windows 7 for the period of Christmas shopping.

"Ultimately, it is our partners who will determine when to their PCs on the market. If the feedback and telemetry are in line with our expectations, then we can move on to final stages of the RTM (release to manufacturer ) in about three months, "said Steven Sinofsky, vice president of Windows.

Indeed, Acer has said it wants to market its first PC running Windows 7 on 23 October. Microsoft will be quick!

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