Viticulture: red opts for green transportation

France - As the ecological situation is more alarming, the wine industry undertakes is also in a more environmentally friendly. At least the case of Cellier du Languedoc Wines Distribution chooses to focus on rail transport for a sustainable wine.

Cellier du Languedoc Wines Distribution (CLVD) is committed to focus on sustainable transport in leaving, "to the extent possible" the road to rail.

The company announced it would now opt for a "combined transport" based on an intermodal transport unit (ICU) where the goods are transported from one place to another by the most appropriate. The journey by road should be as short as possible so that the main route is by rail.

Such a choice of transport to reduce CO2 emissions by 76% to 70% on a journey Avignon Compi├Ęgne and reinforces the ecological CLVD which has already achieved its carbon footprint and support WWF in its program "for the defense Mediterranean forests of cork oak, their ecosystem, wildlife and that results the whole economy . "

Meanwhile, the shipping company to sail CTMV proposed to carry the wines of Languedoc to the countries of Northern Europe through merchant ships sailing from its fleet located in Bordeaux. Only the wind energy would be used throughout the journey.

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