U.S. researchers are developing a new antibacterial paint

United States - These paintings used in hospitals and businesses, homes, would destroy some bacteria responsible for severe infections.

N-Halamine is already a molecule known for its disinfectant properties. It is present in the bleach. Today, scientists have synthesized a new polymer of N-Halamine able to fight against micro-organisms.

Le Nouvel Observateur says that this polymer can destroy microbes known for their resistance to antibiotics. It is also able to overcome some golden staphylococcus and fungi led to the emergence of various infections and candidiasis.

Coatings where the polymer is injected keep all their properties in the long term and may even be "refilled" by chlorination. In addition, it does not affect the quality of the painting on which it is incorporated.

If it is true, the progress is enormous, since the paintings of this type already on the market do that to fight against a minority of microbes and bacteria.

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