Ultrasound mobile

United States - William Richard and David Zar, specialists in medical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, have developed a device capable of performing light ultrasounds anywhere.

It is a small ultrasonic transmitter the size of a large pen, but it is capable of performing ultrasound and to transmit the image via a USB connection to a mobile phone or PDA. With this tool, the doctor has his camera always at hand and can therefore make any place an ultrasound examination that may be useful in some cases.

If ultrasound compacts already exist, the device of William Richard and David Zar is as small as inexpensive. If the images are less well defined and smaller hospital with an ultrasound, this device can help save lives, for example to carry out a review on a pregnant woman or a patient suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Images can be transferred to a mobile phone or a PDA, provided that its system software is Windows Mobile, Microsoft is the development partner of the ultrasound. Data can be transferred, shipped and stored for further examination or further transmission to other health professionals.

William Richard, the tool has its place in emergency or an ambulance. David Zar says that medicine is based increasingly on imaging systems, although 70% of the world population have no access yet.

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