Transparent solar cells in our windows

Konark Technologies, based in Massachusetts announced the development of transparent solar cells, making the solar buildings more attractive to the general public.

It signed a contract with "Arch Aluminum & Glass" in order to integrate solar cells into building materials like windows. These new modules do not sacrifice the aesthetics of the house and (they) may be further colored with different colors according to your desires.

Solar cells made from plastics are placed flexible "sandwich" between two glass plates. The result then enter into the composition window of a new type. Moreover, their use in openings Konark believes these transparent solar cells may be used for other applications such as for example used to nourish the energies of military tents, mobile devices, and various sensors.

However, these flexible materials have two weaknesses: the life and performance. They should not last as long as the photovoltaic modules have a traditional life often exceeding 20 years. In addition, Konark said it had obtained a yield of 6% but only in the laboratory, against 15% to 20% for silicon solar cells.

This would indicate that the products disclosed here have a much lower yield. But the competition looks tough for Konark. The flexible solar cells based Nanosolar CIGS (copper indium gallium selenium) reach yields of between 9 and 10%.

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