Towers converted into wind power?

France - Three french engineers have won the Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition, with their idea of recovery of electrical towers. The Wind-It project is to transform the towers into vertical axis wind turbines.

Increase the number of wind turbines without disfiguring the landscape? A challenge that was put forward to the three engineers of the Elioth firm.

Using the poles as supports, wind turbines, whose number would be multiplied by 10 by 2015, would be better spread over the territory and pose much less of aesthetic problems.

Equipped with two or three blades, the new generation wind turbines vertical axis are superimposed to the power grid and can therefore not disfigured the landscape more than it already is.

Directly connected to the grid, the wind turbine need not be oriented into the wind and it also presents other advantages: its performance is comparable to that of horizontal axis wind turbines and is less noisy because it does not effect whistling to the tips of the blades "explained the three engineers.

According to preliminary simulations, the performance of this installation on a third of the electricity pylons of french territory corresponds to the equivalent of two nuclear reactors.

If for the moment the investment cost of Wind-It is higher than a horizontal axis wind classic medium term, it could become the same.

In addition to the integration of wind turbines on the existing electric pillars, the firm also has a Elioth pylon already valued. Notice to Investors: Elioth firm is now looking for support industrial and financial power to develop its ambitious project.

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