Three-fourth of anibiotics prescriptions would be useless

Switzerland - Créapharm has announced the results of a study conducted by the Cantonal Hospital of Aarau to the real usefulness of antibiotic prescriptions.

If antibiotics should not be automatic to treat certain diseases, many doctors prescribe them too often to treat respiratory tract infections. In three out of four cases, the disease does not justify the taking of antibiotics, which increases the risk of developing resistance sometimes fatal.

Dr. Müller, head of internal medicine to the hospital of Aarau, together with fifty-three family physicians, studied 453 cases of patients with respiratory diseases. All underwent a blood test to demonstrate the presence of bacterial infections and the need to take antibiotics. In 72% of cases, they are unnecessary.

Only without the blood test, patients would receive an antibiotic when they did not need. And the pain did not disappear or faster or slower compared to patients treated with antibiotics for the same pathology.

Using too many antibiotics leads the body to produce resistance to these drugs. Faced with a bacterial infection requiring the use of antibiotics, the patient can then be treated with an antibiotic that is essential to his recovery.

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