Three dairy products per day to keep the line

United States - I-diet relates the result of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Tennessee on the impact of the consumption of dairy products during and after a diet.

If research has already demonstrated the benefits of calcium on weight, the researchers wanted to understand its influence during and after a diet. The study involved nearly 340 people aged 32 to 46 years, all beyond overweight with a BMI between 31 and 38.

Two groups were formed, depending on their consumption of dairy products. Result: while having a high energy, large consumers of dairy products have obtained the same weight loss than those consuming little. Better: they further confirmed that loss in stabilization phase.

The researchers conclude from these observations that the consumption of three dairy products per day helps to lose weight so that a system would include one. A diet rich in dairy products would also help stabilize the weight loss during the return to a normal diet.

The stabilization phase is even more difficult to pass that the return of the old eating habits and the tendency of the body to store calories again while he was receiving less tend to regain lost weight.

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