A species of dolphin extinct in Greece

Greece - The common dolphin may quickly disappear from the Ionian Sea due to excessive fishing. Deprived of food, only 15 dolphins swim further along the Greek coast.

Many associations of environmental protection, such as WWF, are extremely worried about the fate of common dolphins in Greece in the Ionian Sea.

They were still 150 ten years ago and are now more than 15. "It is called common dolphin, but the problem today, in the Mediterranean Sea, it is no longer so common as that. It is an endangered species on the verge of extinction," said Giorgos Paximadis, a member of WWF Greece. "Over-fishing has caused the destruction of the marine environment and the decrease in the number of common dolphins in the region," he continues.

Having enough food to survive, dolphins disappear gradually and associations call upon the Greek government to take action very quickly by adopting new regulations on fishing.

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