Smart Animals: Animals are able to distinguish right from wrong

United States - According to a new study, the animals have a sense of morality and can distinguish what is right what is wrong. Species are governed by codes of conduct similar to those of men.

Until then, man was the only species known to experience complex emotions. But Professor Marc Bekoff, University of Colorado, believes that "morality" is rooted in the brains of all mammals, like instinct.

For example, wolves are dominant fairness: they exchange their roles with Wolves ranks, showing the tender and they can bite. They are accustomed to these "games" very young. Chimpanzees also show a sense of justice by attacking the group who transgress the codes. Like humans, dolphins and whales have spindle cells in their brains, so they show interest in other species. "There were cases of dolphins which help people to escape the sharks, elephants and antelopes which help to escape from pens," says Professor Berkoff.

"The belief that men have a moral and not animals is an assumption that continues, but there is increasing evidence that show us that this is not the case" Berkoff says the Sunday Telegraph.

But some experts are still skeptical about the fact that animals can feel emotions and have complex social responsibilities. Professor Frans de Waal, who studies primate behavior at Emory University in Atlanta, said: "I do not think animals have a moral in the same sense that we have, we men, with a sense developed and raisonné of good and evil. " For him the difference is that human morality is not based on the experience of injury, but come from our primate psychology.

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