The Shuttle Atlantis prepares to reaching Hubble

Degradation over a wing of the shuttle Atlantis astronauts will not stop traveling on board. Today, they must finally reach the Hubble Space Telescope, to begin their mission to repair.

During its takeoff, the shuttle Atlantis was hit by falling debris but the damage filmed by the seven astronauts were deemed "superficial" by NASA. "The same amount of damage in another location would be more critical. The damage seems relatively superficial and are not very extensive," said LeRoy Cain, head of the management team of NASA missions.

Four tiles are the right wing damaged, nothing to prevent Atlantis to continue his journey, even if an additional inspection is planned. Even if the damage would have been deemed too dangerous, take refuge in the International Space Station is impossible since it is located at 350 km altitude is too far away from Hubble.

The shuttle was launched on Monday its astronauts for mission to repair and upgrade the space telescope in orbit for 19 years and is today the appointment is given.

As specified in the AFP, the risk of collision is estimated at 1 chance in 221. If this were to occur, another shuttle is ready to take off to rescue the seven astronauts who travel aboard Atlantis.

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