Shuttle Atlantis: first mission accomplished

As expected, the Atlantis astronauts reached the Hubble space telescope yesterday evening, around 18h, and is captured by a robotic arm. The repairs began early this morning.

They left Monday for the Earth go around 600 km to reach the Hubble Space Telescope, and it successfully Atlantis astronauts have completed their first mission: catch Hubble. "Hubble has come on board," said captain Scott Altman.

The maneuver has been disrupted by a lack of communication, astronauts can not see the result of actions being undertaken, it is ultimately the command center of the telescope, located in Maryland, which has taken over.

It is with a robotic arm that Hubble, 11 tons and 13 meters long, has been moved to the rotating platform of the shuttle provided.

Drew John Grunsfeld and Feustel will now be able to begin repairs and replacement of certain parts of the space telescope, launched into orbit 19 years ago.

"What is incredible is that the outside of Hubble, an old gentleman of 19 years, always looks in excellent condition" said John Grunsfeld after the first inspection of the telescope.

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