Shell launches CO2 sequestration

Netherlands - Reduce CO2 emissions by 40%, that's what Shell hopes to achieve through techniques of capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide. The oil company would, in the long term, support the emissions of its competitors to combine ecology and profit.

On 23 April, Shell had the support of environmental experts to launch the program storage of CO2 underground. Despite the concerns of residents and the mayor of Barendrecht (Netherlands), the oil company's intend to begin the capture and sequestration in two districts of the city. Six additional projects are underway and others should soon follow.

According to Shell, the project could lead to a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions. If for the moment, the techniques used to capture and bury are extremely expensive, the company says they could become very profitable over the next few years.

Shell plans to take over the storage of emissions from other oil companies to receive grants and other benefits for projects to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. And as explained in the Director General Jeroen Van der Veer, "Nobody knows the cost that these systems will launch when a large commercial scale."

If the dangers associated with the burial of CO2 emissions are not yet known, the CEO of Shell does not seem worried, "We think we can do so safely," he said.

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