Scientists identify 200 new species of frogs in Madagascar

Madagascar - The team of scientists in charge of the mission focuses on the natural wealth of the island of Madagascar, south-eastern Africa. But it also draws attention to the dangers that threaten these newly discovered wild.

The team of scientists has worked with the Spanish Scientific Research. His research revealed between 129 and 221 species of frogs previously unknown. It considers that the same number of species has yet to be discovered.

Madagascar is among the four largest islands of the planet. It houses a high biodiversity at the heart of the Indian Ocean and some of the species that live there are known for their rarity. Scientists believe that nearly all frog species are endemic to Madagascar, as 80% of mammals identified on the island, completely absent from the rest of the world.

Dr. Frank Glaw, curator in herpetology at the Zoologische Staatssammlung in Munich, said that the last 15 years, researchers have identified more than a hundred species of frogs in Madagascar. The latter thought to have "gone around" species of amphibians of the island, but find that there is greater diversity they thought.

The discovery of these species greatly enhances the number of known frog species on Earth. Unfortunately, the disappearance of tropical forests represents a threat since it contributes to the destruction of their natural habitat. Thus, 80% of the trees on the ground in Madagascar had already been destroyed by the hand of man. The new frog species are listed as endangered species, a quarter of them having been discovered only in protected areas.

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