Scientists discover an overview of the end of the solar system

A team of scientists formed by researchers from around the world has discovered amazing particles in the dust of dead stars. They seem to be the remains of planets similar to Earth, allowing them to predict the eventual fate of our solar system.

Of the stars as big as the sun reached the end of life, swell up to become red giants. When they explode, they become white dwarfs, surrounded by a cloud of gas forming a planetary nebula.

Between 1 and 3% of these stars could have been extinguished up their own planetary system. By analyzing the residual gas present around the white dwarf, the scientists identified dust composed of particles of the same basis as asteroids and rocky planets.

To explain the presence of these particles, they hypothesized the existence of planets whose composition is similar to Earth near a red giant in training. In blowing, it would have engulfed the elements around it, before exploding and becoming a white dwarf.

Such a destiny could be part of the future of our solar system, as was Dr. Fariha presented at the conference that made public the discovery.

According to him, the most studied planetary systems similar to ours. More troubling still, some may even have hosted life.

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