Saft: draft Battery Plant in Florida

The battery manufacturer Saft has filed an application with the U.S. government to build a new plant in lithium-ion batteries. They are designed to equip military vehicles, aviation, intelligent networks, the help of telecom networks as well as emerging applications such as storage of renewable energy.

"This' factory of the future 'should help the Administration to achieve its goals to revitalize the economy by creating about 800 jobs over the next three years and should accelerate both the market and reduce the costs of technologies used by renewables in the United States, "said Thomas J. Alcide, President of Saft America.

The proposal was filed with the Department of Energy American, and fits into the plan for America. The project could reach $ 200 million budget, of which 100 million could come from the Government for a unit built in Jacksonville, Florida. The production unit would be for the manufacture of batteries.

Saft ensures that its plant would use "practices the most demanding environmental and materials to make an energy-efficient"
"We are talking about 800 jobs," said Senator Bill Nelson. "If we get this grant, this would be great for the local economy."

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