A revolutionary submarine to explore the oceans

San Francisco, United States - An engineer has built a submersible technology. The "Super Falcon" is the submarine, most advanced of its generation and can reach depths of 460 meters and a speed of six knots.

Created by a British inventor Graham Hawkes of Hawkes Ocean Technology, this submarine is the most advanced submarines of the Deep Flight series, and the culmination of four generations of experimental prototypes. Mr. Hawkes said: "After 20 years of trials, Super Falcon submarine is our most elegant and most developed, incorporating all the innovations we have developed for the submarine voyage from the surface until deep ocean. "

The submarine has a hull made of carbon fiber around 2 cockpit with dual controls and instrumentation familiar to pilots of the army. It is controlled by a fly-by-wire, which works by using electrical signals. It can descend at a speed of 60 meters per minute and rising twice as fast. A system used to bring the submersible to the surface in case of problems. The cabin pressure is like atmosphere and the passengers can live 24 hours. "It is sufficiently developed to make barrels with dolphins, to the surface with the whales, or search for sunken vessels," says Hawkes.

The first Super Falcon was purchased by billionaire Tom Perkins to accompany his yacht Maltese Falcon and launched in 2008. "I think the Super Falcon is the engine of the future for sub-sea adventures," says Perkins. The second submarine was built at the public presentation at the Academy of Sciences of California at San Francisco this month. The device can slide silently for funding exploration and observation of aquatic creatures and corals. The Super Falcon might have an interest in the protection of marine reserves. Mr. Hawkes also provided to allow the public to travel by submarine at a cost of 3300 to 9900 pounds.

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