Relaxation at home

France - e-Health describes the best ways to practice relaxation at home.

Relaxation has only benefits. It helps us to be aware of our body in many ways, to project into the consciousness of the body while keeping the muscle tone. It helps reduce stress by managing it better, to prevent respiratory problems, reduces the frequency of asthma attacks, improve the quality of sleep. Being in tune with our body would also help to improve self-esteem.

Relaxation is an integral part of yoga, meditation, Tai Chi or sophrology. But by simple techniques, it can be practiced at home. Inspiration and expiration through swelling and a blockage or removal of the stomach is one of the practice. Breathe by the belly 'improves blood oxygenation. Another technique is to reflect on the gestures of daily life and awareness of what they provide for different body parts.

This discipline must be practiced regularly and occasionally rather long, and few minutes a day are better than one long session once a week. It quickly can become a lifestyle for those who practice and are aware of its benefits. If this method does not give indications against pregnant women and people with heart or neurological disorders, should consult their doctor before starting.

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