A rare Roman pottery dating back 1700 years discovered in London

London, England - The beautiful translucent flat would have belonged to a wealthy Londoner who lived 1700 years ago at the time of the Roman occupation of Britain. This is the only flat of this type found so far and it could reveal information about life in this period.

The dish "millefiori" was unearthed by archaeologists in London. It is made of hundreds of petals translucent blue glass jagged edged with white, embedded in a background of red glass. The technique "millefiori" which means "one thousand flowers", is a technique of working glass. It uses rollers for glass assembled with multicolored patterns which are visible when they are cut transversely.

This delicate subject has been carefully reconstructed from fragments found in Prescot Street in East London. This is the first time a full dish of this type is found outside the East Roman Empire. This object will be on display at Museum of London.

The dish was discovered in the tomb of a Roman London in the cemetery districts to Londinium (London founded by the Romans). Other ceramic dishes and glass were found near the coffin, which suggests that it was a rich and unusual burial. Guy Hunt, director of the Archeology LP explained that the Prescot Street excavation revealed a series of objects from Roman times.

Liz Goodman, curator at the Museum of London said: "We occasionally small fragments of millefiori, but the opportunity to work with a whole object of this type is extraordinary. The dish is extremely fragile, but the glass is intact and still bright almost 2 000 years after being manufactured "she adds.

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