Puzzle: a new "crop circle" photographed in England, see images

England - The crop circles or agroglyphes, gigantic geometric shapes appearing in fields and whose occurrence is because of scientific controversy for decades continue to fascinate the British media. Thus, the Daily Mail reported there the appearance of the first crop circle of 2009.

Photographed last Tuesday in a field near Avebury, in Wiltshire, the ground is approximately 18 meters in diameter.

Lucy Pringle, who launched the shot, lives near Petersfield, in Hampshire, and became a "national expert" phenomenon of passion since she discovered the crop circles in 1990. She explains: "Among the hundreds of crop circles that I photographed, there are no two identical.

The conundrum remains, while the more fanciful theories continue to go well: signs of alien activity, energy events ... The thesis most simple and does almost-unanimous support in the scientific field is that of a deliberate human activity: it is indeed likely, a rational point of view, that are agroglyphes anything other than artistic figures, drawn up on paper before being copied onto the ground.

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