A prosthetic arm controlled by thought

Austria - A partnership between a medical technology company, the Central Hospital of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna, the first prosthetic arm controlled entirely by the thought comes to be established on a European.

This "intelligent arm" is a huge progress in the world of prosthetics since its movement is controlled by nerve impulses before acting on the arm. The user of the prosthesis reaches seven degrees of freedom and can therefore carry out new activities. Compared to the old prosthesis, it is not necessary to think several times in the same action so that the prosthesis convert the thinking of the action in motion, think once is enough.

The installation of this prosthesis will require prior surgery to move the selected nerves. This allows the heavy intervention of the head electrodes of the prosthesis to respond to signals transmitted by these nerves. When the user sends a signal flow, a complex electronics used to convert these signals and transform them into movement.

The Otto Bock specializes in product development to provide more independence to people with disabilities. It is the only company in Europe to take part in a U.S. project to develop a prosthetic arm to twenty-two degrees of freedom. The systems developed in Austria are also used across the Atlantic. Kandlbauer Christian, a young Austrian, was the first person to receive the prosthesis outside the United States.

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