The padding of plaster that resists water

France - "Delta-Dry, a new company product BSN Medical, is placed under the plaster and can be washed without having to protect it.

With "Delta-Dry, the plaster can now be wet. This padding, water resistant, is placed under the plaster and resin can simplify healthy body. Longer need plastic bag to protect the plaster from the water. It is therefore possible to take a bath or shower with plaster.

Unless otherwise specified by the doctor, it is even possible to continue the water activities and sports practices. Upholstery dry in less than an hour. During tests conducted in 2007 pediatric orthopedic center in Atlanta, patients have also found it easy to install, soft, and reduced the risk of replacement of the plaster due to its water resistance. Another advantage, "Delta-Dry avoids very troublesome itching associated with wearing the plaster.

BSN Medical Society said that 910 000 sports accidents each year are counted. Sprains and fractures are often up in the spring: the return of sunny days make you want to get back in sports "at risk".

BSN Medical is a company specialized in the development and marketing of orthopedic medical devices, Phlebology, and wound care. "Delta-Dry is sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies at a price of between fifteen and twenty euros, depending on the size.

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