OpenViBE: software to control computers by thought

France - Operating a computer by thought? It still unimaginable a decade ago, this technology is now possible. OpenViBE - It is the first project on brain-computer interfaces.

Developed by the Institute national de recherche en informatique et en automatique (INRIA) and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), OpenViBE led to the development of promising free software applications. A brain-computer interface allows the user to send commands to a computer or a machine only by thinking.

In 2005, while the research was almost nonexistent in France, scientists have initiated this project to conduct innovative research on brain-computer interfaces. By combining their knowledge about the brain, their technical expertise and information technology, researchers have managed less than 4 years after its launch, to develop an ergonomic software and easy to access.

Result of this project, the software is a real OpenViBE interface, designed to reflect what is happening in the brain by computer command. In conducting such support, the researchers from Inserm and INRIA opens new opportunities in an area of burgeoning research. This work could help improve the communication aid for people with reduced mobility or treatment of certain neurological deficits.

Four applications using the properties of software OpenViBE have already been developed by scientists. Three prototypes concerning virtual reality and video games. Equipped with a helmet equipped with electrodes, the user will be able, depending on the application, a spaceship flying, play handball, or move in a virtual universe. A fourth prototype, designed to aid communication for people with reduced mobility, to write on a computer simply through thought.

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