An onboard computer to stop a speeding vehicles through satellite

A system has been developed to evaluate the speed of a vehicle through satellite. It also lets you restrict the accelerator and applies the brake if it is in over speed.

The satellite identifies the vehicle on Earth, and determine its speed. With a map of the area programmed with speed limits of each road, it can determine if the vehicle in question was traveling too fast, and eventually slow down.

In fact, the Speed Adaptation does not act directly on the brakes. The equipment allows the car to control its speed automatically when it passes from one zone speed limit to another. A warning screen warns the driver of the vehicle by posting a smiley, smiling when in compliance with the speed limit and cranky otherwise. Once the maximum speed limit is reached, a system prevents the driver to accelerate more.

Society of London Transport has already recognized this new on-board computer for some of its vehicles. In charge of a network of buses, cars, trains and subways in London, it announced that it would flow more vehicles this summer, including cars, buses and a taxi.

During a trial period of 6 months, they will assess the effects of this new technology on traffic, particularly in safety and congestion. According to Transport of London, the number of road accidents could be reduced by 10%. The results of this study will be published within a year.

For Chris Lines, head of the company, this innovation will help prevent violations and save lives. This is not the opinion of the President of the Association of English drivers who think that such a system encourages drivers to stop thinking and reduces their alertness while driving.

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